Here at Pollan Dobbs, we understand it is hard to know when to hire an attorney.  It can be confusing and it's especially difficult after you've been hurt on the job. Most people don't know their rights under workers' compensation because few of us expect or plan to get hurt at work. It's even harder to protect your rights after the fact. In Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee workers' comp claims, there are lots of questions that come up and time sensitive elements that can destroy the value of your claim if not handled correctly.


The unfortunate truth is that many of the resources you would normally use for answers have it in their best interest to keep you in the dark.  It's nearly impossible to ask about what you don't know!

Workers' compensation cases in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee are complex because of all the parties involved - your employer, their workers' comp insurance carrier, health care providers, and the person who stands to gain or lose the most--you.

Workers' compensation in Mississippi. Workers' compensation in Louisiana.

Injured workers are hesitant to get an attorney because things seem to be going well. Their employer has given them the time off they need to recover, they're getting their checks in the mail mostly on time, and their health care looks like it's being covered. However, what if their checks suddenly stop coming in the mail and the claim adjuster won't return their calls? What if their doctor recommends a surgery that the insurance carrier won't approve because it's too expensive? What if they take a long time to heal and their employer threatens to fire them?

These are all very real situations that happen to people everyday, more often than we'd like to admit. Things seem to be going the way they should, until they don't. By then it may be too late to get the benefits you're guaranteed by law.

Sadly many of workers' comp cases play out just like that.  When things seem to be ok at the start, workers can end up taking a risky gamble that things will work out on their own before they consider speaking with an attorney.  All the while, their claim may be getting into serious problems with that worker even knowing it!

What if you can get protection from these things for no out of pocket cash? There is very little risk to having an attorney, but you risk losing a lot without one. Find out if you're losing out - have your case evaluated by a team member at Pollan Dobbs for FREE.

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You may think that hiring an attorney will make things worse. We get it. Saying you've "lawyered up" can sound aggressive and adversarial. What if your boss stops talking to you because he's afraid you'll sue?

The truth is, we're not interested in filing a lawsuit against your employer. We're interested in making them follow the law and the rules in workers' comp just like they expect you to do.  We aren't here to file lawsuits.  We are here to make sure every par your workers' comp claim is proper So while many people think we're out to get them, this simply isn't the case.

At Pollan Dobbs, we hold Workers' Comp insurance companies accountable to the law. An injured worker is entitled to compensation and medical benefits allowed under the law.

You can trust the insurance company to have your best interests at heart, or you can trust a team of attorneys whose job it is to protect the you and your family. 

Be certain. Have your case evaluated for FREE by our team of attorneys to know for sure.

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